This icon is in the awesome Font APEX library. The Icon attribute on this region is set to fa-apex.

Font Awesome 5

This icon is in the Font Awesome 5 Free library. The Icon attribute on this region is set to fa5-church.

Font Awesome 5 samples


Example code: <i class="fa5 fa5-2x fa5-bible"></i>

chess-knight cloud-sun disease dog dragon egg fish gas-pump hands-wash head-side-cough id-badge lungs pizza-slice restroom shipping-fast toilet-paper virus



Example code: <i class="fa5b fa5-2x fa5-airbnb"></i>

amazon android buy-n-large cc-stripe chromecast google-play lyft slideshare windows

xs sm lg 2x 3x 5x 7x 10x
spinner spin circle-notch spin sync spin cog spin spinner pulse stroopwafel spin
snowboarding rotate-90 rotate-180 rotate-270 flip-horizontal flip-vertical flip-both
camera + ban (stacked) camera + ban (stacked + spin)

Stacked Region Icon

Region Static ID = stacked.

Execute When Page Loads =

var stackCameraBan = '
<span class="t-HeroRegion-icon t-Icon fa5 fa5-stack">
  <i class="fa5 fa5-camera fa5-stack-1x"></i>
  <i class="fa5 fa5-ban fa5-stack-2x" style="color:Tomato"></i>

$("#stacked span.t-HeroRegion-icon.fa5").replaceWith(stackCameraBan);

Region Icon = fa5-camera (for graceful fallback if the javascript fails).